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Enthusiasm is Common, Endurance is Rare | 2024 TeamKC Training Camp Recap

by Laura Patriquin | Mar 06, 2024

The 2024 TeamKC Training Camp gathered more than 300 recruiters, HR leaders and community partners to connect, share ideas and get the scoop on the latest talent trends.

TeamKC leaders shared how together, the network is continuing the momentum through connection, robust tools and thought leadership, strengthening employers’ ability to attract talent to the region.

We gained insight from speakers, including top employers in the region, Keith Bradley of Made in KC and keynote speaker, Shane Feldman, on how to creatively and authentically build communities in which employees can thrive.

Check out photos from the 2024 TeamKC Training Camp.

Your Next Steps:

  • Check out your newest tool in selling KC to candidates: ▶️ Harmony & Hustle

  • Contact TeamKC to join the network to elevate your talent attraction and retention efforts.

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