KC Animal Health Corridor

  • Driving Investments and Innovation in Animal Agriculture

    by Animal Health2 | Apr 12, 2024
    Advancing innovations on the farm requires capital, but there are ways to strategically garner attention and investment into this avenue of the industry. Uncover the blueprint for driving interest and investments in this month’s post.
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  • Is Luck the key to success?

    by Animal Health2 | Mar 14, 2024
    Around St. Patrick’s Day, you often hear the phrase “luck of the Irish,” suggesting Irish are especially lucky. But is there really such a thing as luck determining success? While luck may occasionally play a role, it's hardly the defining factor. Time and again, leadership and strategy prove to be the true core of successful teams.
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  • Allies in Agriculture

    by Animal Health2 | Mar 14, 2024
    Preparing LGBTQ+ students and their allies for what to expect when they enter the workforce is a significant responsibility, and ag-related industries must do their parts.
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