KC is well known for our telecom infrastructure and industry leadership. With more than 34,000 people are employed by telecom companies and related operations in the Kansas City area, telecommunications has become an integral part of KC’s thriving economy and job growth. While major corporations such as T-Mobile have helped to establish the city as a telecommunications authority, the new presence of companies similar to Google has helped KC to maintain its position.

T-Mobile, one of the most widely recognized telecommunications companies in the U.S. is headquartered in Kansas City. Other major employers in the field are AT&T Corp., CenturyLink, Inc., Verizon Wireless and Ericsson.

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Advanced Degrees and Certifications

DeVry University
Information Systems Management
Network and Communications Management
Electronic Commerce Management Information Security
Wireless Communications
Kansas State University
Computing and Information Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Central Missouri  Communications Studies
Digital Media Production
University of Kansas
Information Technology
University of Missouri-Columbia
Center for the Digital Globe
Geographic Information Systems
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Telecommunication and Computer Networking

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While Kansas City has a thriving presence in the telecommunications business, it also has a strong history, traceable to the early days of telephone use. Learn more about the history of telecommunications in Kansas City.

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