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Threads: A New Tool for Talent Branding?

by Annie Bogart | Jul 20, 2023

Attracting top-tier talent requires innovative strategies that go beyond traditional recruitment methods. Leveraging social media platforms is a key approach, so talent professionals should be keeping an eye on Threads, a new social platform by Meta

The recent release of Threads was met with significant interest from users, making it the fastest growing app in history, according to Forbes.  The platform is sure to unveil new capabilities over time, with potential to elevate talent acquisition and retention. For now, let’s take a small dive into what we know to help you and your marketing partners determine if the platform should be in your talent branding toolbox!

The Basics

  • Threads functions as an extension of Instagram  (also a Meta product) so before you create a profile on Threads, you’ll want to ensure you’re all set on Instagram. 

  • If you already have a following on Instagram, you’re in luck - you can automatically bring your following to Threads! 

  • Caution: Deleting your Threads account will delete your Instagram, and vice versa. If you change your mind about Threads after creating a profile, you can always deactivate your account temporarily.

Finding Your Voice

  • Threads provides an ideal platform to showcase a company's culture, values and unique selling points. Most companies are humanizing their brands on the platform,  leveraging their brand persona through their posts . This is a perfect time to connect with your marketing and communications team to ensure you’re leveraging your brand voice.

  • Posts can be up to 500 characters long, giving you enough space to be quick and witty if that’s your vibe (looking at you, T-Mobile Careers and KC Royals). Informal, conversational content is key to engaging and retaining your following.

  • Remember, you’re there to engage in conversation and showcase who you are as an employer -- avoid calls to action like events, jobs or time-bound initiatives as content may appear on feeds at different times.

Future of Threads
(And we’re speculating here, but Threads is sure to continue to add functionality.)

  • Threads does not utilize shared hashtags nor direct messaging, features we expect to see as the platform gains following. 

  • Content cannot be targeted to specific audiences, it is simply released - meaning everyone is seeing a little bit of everything and able to discover new profiles and content!

  • Since everyone is new to the party, there are no expectations for the number of posts, which removes barriers to entry for some brands that may usually require a full strategy and calendar to launch on an established platform.

  • Download the app! Until the desktop version is released, this is how you’ll connect. 

In an ever-changing talent landscape, talent acquisition teams are leaning more on their brand persona to effectively engage and attract candidates. Threads offers a new, dynamic platform, enabling recruiters to showcase company culture, tell compelling stories, foster candidate engagement and amplify reach.

Connect with @team.kansascity on Threads or contact Danielle to chat about your journey on this new platform!

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