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  • Keep KC a Major League City | KCADC Supports Vote Yes on 1 on April 2

    by Laura Patriquin | Mar 15, 2024
    Major league sports teams are vital to continuing our region’s reputation as a world-class region as we compete with other top markets for business and talent.
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  • Is Luck the key to success?

    by Animal Health2 | Mar 14, 2024
    Around St. Patrick’s Day, you often hear the phrase “luck of the Irish,” suggesting Irish are especially lucky. But is there really such a thing as luck determining success? While luck may occasionally play a role, it's hardly the defining factor. Time and again, leadership and strategy prove to be the true core of successful teams.
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  • Allies in Agriculture

    by Animal Health2 | Mar 14, 2024
    Preparing LGBTQ+ students and their allies for what to expect when they enter the workforce is a significant responsibility, and ag-related industries must do their parts.
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