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USDA’s ERS and NIFA Begin Operations in KC Region, Post Open Positions

by Lexi Ryan | Sep 06, 2019

The USDA announced in mid-June that it would move its Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to the KC region with 568 jobs. The agencies have begun operations with a small team in temporary space in the metro, while more than 130 current ERS and NIFA employees have committed to relocate to KC from Washington, D.C.

On behalf of USDA, the Government Services Administration (GSA), continues to evaluate multiple Class A office properties in Kansas and Missouri for its 120,000-sq.-ft. space, which will house both agencies, and expects to be operational sometime this fall.

In August, the USDA announced openings for up to 90 new jobs in its Kansas City office, as well as its expectations for hiring. Learn more.

The USDA announced on June 13, that the KC region has been selected for the home offices of its Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). 

The KC region submitted its expression of interest along with 136 peer metros across the U.S., and its strong and compelling case ultimately won out over finalist competitors Raleigh, North Carolina and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The KC region has a robust existing concentration of USDA employees and operations, more than 150 federal agencies in the area, proximity to 13 land grant universities and is centrally located in the agricultural heart of the country. This concentration is enhanced by the area’s research capabilities and industry-led initiatives like the KC Animal Health Corridor (KCAHC), and talent attraction expertise through theTeamKC initiative and network. Kansas City’s affordability, capacity for growth, easy commutes, extraordinary livability and strong desire to partner with the USDA, offers an ideal home for the ERS and NIFA.

The strength of KC’s federal delegation in Kansas and Missouri was especially compelling to the USDA. Prior to the final selection, the KC team visited Washington, D.C., where U.S. Senator Pat Roberts hosted all four U.S. Senators as well as Rep. Hartzler, and the senior staff for all Congressional members to discuss the merits of a KC regional location. Read the original announcement from USDA.

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