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Making the Most of the Summer Internship Experience

by Animal Health2 | Aug 15, 2023

With summer slowly coming to an end, this year’s summer interns are bidding farewell to their employers. To cap off the experience and leave a lasting and positive impression, there are actions both sides can take to make the most of that internship.

Here are five recommendations for interns to enhance their experience and further prepare for their aspiring careers. 

Spend time thinking about your experience. Analyze how you can incorporate the skills gained from this internship into your career path.

Ask for Feedback
Sit down with your manager and ask for feedback on your performance. This is important to gain insights into your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Build Your Portfolio and Resume
With permission, include projects from your internship in your portfolio to showcase your best work. Reflect on the new skills you have developed that you can now include on your resume. 

Ask for a Letter of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are important in the interview process. Having one from a former manager can give you an edge as a candidate when they highlight your work ethic, knowledge, skills and the value you provide as a team member. 

Stay in Touch with Co-Workers
Build your professional network. Connect with co-workers on LinkedIn, stay in touch with them and provide former managers with timely updates on your pursuits.

We all know internships provide an excellent opportunity for companies to bring top talent into the organization, but how do you optimize converting interns into employees? Here are my top recommendations for employers.

Offer Mentorship
Mentorship programs are a beneficial way to engage interns and provide them with insights about career opportunities and navigation of your company. Mentorship programs should be formalized to ensure every intern is aligned with a mentor in your company. Mentorship increases the likelihood interns will receive the coaching needed to grow and allows interns to feel more connected to your company’s culture.

Provide Networking Opportunities
Networking opportunities are important for interns to expand their professional connections and broaden their industry knowledge. Companies should offer interns the opportunity to attend networking events or have them attend meetings that introduce them to customers and other professionals. It is also important to host events that allow interns to build community with each other.

Stay Connected
The ability to stay connected with interns throughout the school year is important for maintaining the relationship and influencing their potential acceptance of an offer. Utilize ongoing communication with former interns as you pursue them for entry-level positions. 

People are a company’s most valuable asset. And the right fit is important. Internships offer a great opportunity for prospective employees and those early in their careers to forge relationships and understanding of an industry and its future. By making the most of a summer internship, everyone benefits.


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