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KC Rising’s impact on workforce development

by Lexi Ryan | Dec 12, 2017

Developing the human capital necessary to meet global demands is one of three primary goals of the KC Rising regional business plan launched in 2014. Efforts developed with oversight from the Human Capital Work Group have sought to elevate existing programs or create new where needed, focusing on attraction of talent, alignment of existing assets and improved access to job opportunities for all KC residents.

The goals of the Human Capital Work Group:

  • Maintain the region’s higher than national average graduation rate.
  • Improve racial disparities in degree attainment, particularly increasing the attainment of bachelor degrees for blacks and Hispanics.
  • Improve pay gaps between ethnic groups in the region.
  • Improve the region’s ability to meet the demand for educated workers, especially in the STEM-related fields.
  • Improve the in-migration of educated professionals from outside of the KC region.

Select efforts initiated by the Human Capital Work Group:

The Work Group is led by Madeline Romious, regional vice president of external affairs at AT&T Missouri and Brian Gardner, vice president and general counsel, Hallmark. The group meets regularly with the support of additional volunteers from the region’s private sector and academia.

About KC Rising

KC Rising is a regional, collaborative, business community-led effort leading the KC region in reaching its full economic potential. KC Rising develops and implements strategies for accelerating the region’s economic growth and ensure its continued competitiveness in the global economy. KC Rising is supported by the leadership and staff of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, Mid-America Regional Council, the Kansas City Area Development Council, the KC Chamber and regional chambers of commerce. www.kcrising.com

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