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KC Streetcar Speeds to Success

by User Not Found | Aug 17, 2016

In May 2016, Kansas City launched the "Smart City" initiative in conjunction with Cisco and Sprint. This also marked the Grand Opening of the KC Streetcar. Since then, the KC Streetcar has captured national attention and garnered exceptional reviews in the media.

Slate recently focused on the KC Streetcar’s “runaway success” in “Did an American City Finally Build a Good Streetcar?” Slate compared the low ridership of streetcars in other cities (1,000 riders per day in Salt Lake, UT, and 600 passengers per day in Tampa, FL) to the KC Streetcar, which averages 6,660 passengers a day. A grand total of 233,683 passengers used the KC Streetcar during the month of July.

Hint, a creative content and experience design shop in Kansas City, produced an engaging video for the KC Streetcar offering non-riders an inside look.

The Huffington Post featured the Smart City initiative and KC Streetcar in May 2016 with, “The Stone Age is Over. Kansas City Definitely Got the Memo.” This article highlights many of the benefits provided by these new assets, including interactive kiosks that provide information about local activities, landmarks, arrival time of the KC Streetcar and more.

In June, KCADC traveled to New York City to host national media at a unique Kansas City reception (embed link in the word “reception.” While there, the Bloomberg Terminal interviewed KCADC President and CEO Tim Cowden. The discussion, "Google, Cisco, Amazon Jump Into Kansas City in Latest Tech Investment," centers on how Kansas City continues to be a hub for new technology developments.

The KC Streetcar’s 2.2-mile loop runs from Union Station to River Market, with stops at the Crossroads, Kauffman Center, Power & Light, Metro Center, Library, North Loop, City Market, River Market North and River Market West. Oh - and did we mention it's free to ride?

Learn more about the KC Streetcar's ongoing success.

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